Video control and IP CCTV

     Novatek offers a broad scope of services specifically designed to deliver a cost effective, efficient and future proof surveillance system. Services include: 
     •    Design Services 
     •    Support and Maintenance Services
     •    Equipment supply 
     •    Consultancy and Training 
     With over 7 years of experience in implementing high specification complex CCTV surveillance systems has allowed Novatek to develop an unparalleled insight into the successful delivery of a corporate CCTV systems. Megapixel and IP transmitted CCTV technologies offer real advantages for the corporate end users and allows Novatek to offer a high level of support when implementing such systems.
     We are the experts in network attached surveillance cameras and security systems.
    Whether you need one IP camera or a completely integrated security system, we provide excellent pricing and support. This includes everything from the camera lens and door access reader to the network switch and computer systems for recording the video. We provide technical advice and consulting that assures that you purchase exactly the right IP camera system you need.